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At the Central Jersey Neurological Institute in Morganville, NJ, Dr. Maria Choy specializes in providing the latest in neurological diagnostic and management services. Dr. Choy brings with her a unique blend of the latest technological diagnostic skills and treatments in conjunction with traditional techniques such as acupuncture and homeopathy.

We understand that for some of our patients, conventional medicine is not the preferred treatment because of uncomfortable side effects or personal preferences. For these patients, Dr. Choy provides an alternative way to prevent and manage various conditions ranging from simple back pain to migraines to diabetes. Changes in nutrition and lifestyle are often needed, not just a prescription for drugs.

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Common conditions we treat include:


Dr. Choy believes that pain affects the entire person, altering body, mind, and spirit. As such, any approach to pain management must encompass all three aspects of an individual.

Our caring, compassionate team will start your visit with a few questionnaires that will help us identify the issues that concern you. Dr. Choy will then take leisurely time with you to determine the source, location, and nature of your pain. Only after understanding all this, will she order tests, if necessary, to further elucidate the issues.

She will then develop a treatment plan that takes your personal preferences into account.  We have a full chest of allopathic (standard Western medicine) and integrative medicine tools to relieve your pain.


Dizziness can either be light-headedness or a spinning sensation, and it is one of the most difficult conditions to treat. Sometimes, ringing of the ears (tinnitus) is associated with this condition and there is nothing in Western medicine that can relieve this sensation reliably.

For this reason, acupuncture and/or homeopathy are the usual modalities for this condition. As always, an evaluation will first take place to determine if the dizziness is vertigo or something else. Then we will determine if its source is from the brain, the nerves, the ear, or someplace else. Once the problem is defined, the solution will become clearer.


This is a general medical term that means “nerve pain.” It can be burning, shooting, lancinating, or aching in character. It can affect the tips of feet and then the hands (peripheral neuropathy) or it can be radiating down the leg or arms (radiculopathy). Other types of nerve pain include regional pain syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, etc.

Whatever the name, it just plain hurts and it is traditionally difficult to treat. Dr. Choy can use a combination of conventional medicines, homeopathy, and/or acupuncture to relieve this pain, and she has done so successfully for decades.


There is no clear understanding as to the source of fibromyalgia at this time. However, investigators believe that fibromyalgia is a result of multiple physical and emotional stressors. For this reason, our body-mind-spirit approach to health care has a high rate of success since it addresses all the different factors that may have allowed fibromyalgia symptoms to express themselves.

As with all illnesses, the patient needs to take ownership of his or her care. As such, Dr. Choy will develop home programs of diet and lifestyle changes as the patient starts to improve under her care. A permanent solution is only possible with patient involvement.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Our services will start with a full interview and exam to determine the source of the forgetfulness. If needed, tests will be ordered. Treatment may consist of medications, lifestyle changes, food as medicine, herbal agents, acupuncture, and/or homeopathy. Advice is frequently posted on Dr. Choy’s Facebook page for her patients and their families regarding Alzheimer’s and other neurological subjects.


In our days of constant changes and economic uncertainty, chronic headaches have risen to epidemic proportions. Our office is experienced in helping you determine the source of your headaches so that we can develop the most reasonable treatment plan.

We succeed where many fail because we truly listen to you and treat what ails you. Dr. Choy will first conduct a thorough evaluation to make sure that nothing serious is causing the headaches. Then we will engage in treatment and lifestyle changes that will help reduce the frequency and severity of your headache pain.


Because diet and lifestyle affects chronic neurological conditions as well as blood sugars, Dr. Choy can also help you achieve better blood sugar control before medications are needed. She uses a combination of homeopathy and diet and lifestyle changes to accomplish this goal. You will also keep a food journal, recording everything you eat throughout each day. However, it is not necessary to bring this on the first visit. The doctor will help you get started on monitoring your food consumption during the first consultation.

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Holistic Care and Wellness with Conventional and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Maria Choy will evaluate your condition and discuss the pros and cons of each modality of treatment before creating a treatment plan customized to your needs and preferences based on current evidence-based medicine data.

If you have questions about integrative medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, or other services we provide, please call (732) 446-9900. We see patients from all over New Jersey and New York who are interested in managing their health naturally and reducing the need for or dependency on prescription drugs.